We don't kill animals. We save them.


They are not just values 

For every pair of our shoes you buy, you choose life instead of death. You choose hope instead of suffering. You choose responsibility with the world, with the people around you and with animals. With each pair of our shoes you are saving the life of an animal.

It's not just ethical 

It is employing between 20 and 30 people each time we make a shoe. It is paying a decent salary. It is working in conditions. It is to control the processes, the designs, the tests. It is to feel the passion with which we all work. It is enjoying the road.

It's not just fashion

It is believing that things can be done differently. Betting on change and transparency in a world where others choose to sit back and look the other way. We are not perfect, we know it, but you will always find us on the other side to solve your doubts, problems, to listen to you and improve together with you. This is not about shoes, not even fashion. This is about people.



We are working on eliminating single-use plastics and improving packaging to offer a better experience.


We want to dedicate a percentage of sales to some charity project related to the environment. Can you give us ideas?


We are constantly looking for more sustainable materials, with a higher proportion of textile and better qualities and behavior.


We believe in our brand philosophy and our products and we need more people to know us. Can you help us?



Founder. Web design, marketing and manufacturing.


Founder. Social networks, support and co-designer.


Founder. Sales and influencer marketing.


Footwear Designer. Main designer and styling.

let's go against the current

Pursuing our ideas and applying our methods has made us go against the established in the sector. Fortunately, along the way, we have surrounded ourselves with people who, like us, want to change things. Creating a comfortable, high quality, vegan shoe in Spain is possible. These are our rules.